About Us

Started, Owned, and Run by
Five Sisters and their Mom

Buttermood started in 2021 after many years of fighting dry skin and eczema in our family. The high, dry desert of Utah and the harsh chemicals in soap products constantly conspired together against our health. Further, it was Covid time, and our five girls needed positive activities and work that would make a small difference in the world.

Mom did a ton of research into soap-making, including taking online classes and experimenting with soap formulas and fragrance combinations late into the night. She taught their 5 daughters, and together they eventually arrived at the Buttermood suite of products. Boxes of ingredients and other raw materials arrived daily (which Dad and a Son-in-Law carry downstairs to the soap studio).
As a family business, we take pride in offering hand-crafted, healthy soap products to our customers!
If you have suggestions, questions, or concerns, please contact us. We're here for you!